British Animation Classics (volume 1)DVD from library


This DVD contains fourth short animations, I watched half of them, I mean some of them just couldn’t draw my attention so I skipped a few of them. And some of them I am not really get into it, overall, I would like write some words about these three pieces: Door (1990),  Hill Farm(1988) and Second Class Mail (1984)

Second Class Mail 1984: This is the my favourite short animation recently watched. the drawing style was very sweet. The plots very similar to a story called Be Right Back in Black Mirror. The animation concerns more about the lonely olds. The skill were used in animation were smart as well. YouTube Preview Image

Hill Farm 1988: I watched this animation once before, the animation is about 10mins long, story happened around the same place Hill Frame. Basically about relationships between animals/nature and  human. Three different statues, framers, visitors/photographers and people have high social states. YouTube Preview Image

Door 1990 : by David Anderson. It is an experimental animation, mixed traditional skill and modern technic. At the beginning there is a floating globe with doors, and then animator played the keys, paper cut character…

Image result for Door 1990 animation David anderson






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