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Atsushi Wada

I felt challenging to understand his animations.They create a surrealistic atmosphere with sense of depressing.

I do love his drawing style even if it’s nothing like my own style, colors and character design are very positive to narrative.

I found some his works about his creation, which helped me to understand better.

Thank you very much. In A Pig’s Eye has in a way been less appreciated by audiences than my previous works. It is quieter and calmer than my other works. Furthermore, audiences seem to find the story difficult to understand. I did not really intend to make it difficult to understand though. . .

People who use the surreal tend to be thought of as being odd. However, it is actually just the opposite. Those who use the surreal are quite down-to-earth people. It’s not just about making something that is surreal, but about finding balance between extremes. It is through this process that one actually achieves something that is surreal.

His Blog

The Runt 2006

The most uncomfortable animation I watched recently. I hove the character design and using of colours.

The story is about a boy and a blue rabbit. It is a very powerful animation makes me sad. Not for the little boy or the runt, but for themselves. We living in a shaped world, it has it own operation mode, everyone have to  learn  getting used to it.

The animation kind of cruel, I thought the animation is finished when the boy play with it and let it run away and I also thought the things happened maybe is his dream… But I was wrong. The narrative  leads audience to the end, which is the message animator want to delivery. ” The world is like this, and we live here”.



Opera:The Nose

04/11/2016   Royal Opera House

30256122060_1c3f769e39 30467282151_c8c1cf85efI went to see an opera last Friday, The Nose is based on the short story Nos by the Russian writer Nikolai Vasilievich Gogal.

I read this story when I was in middle school, I couldn’t totally get it to be honestest. And a few years ago, I find an animation based on the story on line. I watched it, I liked very old fashion style but not really got into the story itself. Maybe just people have different preference about narrative.  

Last month I saw a poster in underground station about this opera. And after all, I want to say it was such a good performance. The particular times, society and class are very important part of the story , the lacking knowledge about them was the reason I couldn’t get it , however the actings, movement, facial expression ….. fill the gap between cultures and times. I went there with my mom who doesn’t speak English, but after watched it she could understand over 80%.

And what elements also contribute the opera?  Set design !!!  There was a smaller round stage in the central of main stage, the back ground wall was shaped like the inside of a well. Because of the setting, the top light created strong shadow on backwall as well.

I found another opera, based on the same story. It was made in Russian by  Dmitri Shostakovich.   I can see differences between two operas, Russian’s more artistic and the one I watched more easy to be understood and accepted.