Atsushi Wada

I felt challenging to understand his animations.They create a surrealistic atmosphere with sense of depressing.

I do love his drawing style even if it’s nothing like my own style, colors and character design are very positive to narrative.

I found some his works about his creation, which helped me to understand better.

Thank you very much. In A Pig’s Eye has in a way been less appreciated by audiences than my previous works. It is quieter and calmer than my other works. Furthermore, audiences seem to find the story difficult to understand. I did not really intend to make it difficult to understand though. . .

People who use the surreal tend to be thought of as being odd. However, it is actually just the opposite. Those who use the surreal are quite down-to-earth people. It’s not just about making something that is surreal, but about finding balance between extremes. It is through this process that one actually achieves something that is surreal.

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