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Eno Pitch

Over last summer I worked on Eno project. I chose the opera Satyagraha to develop fiction animation story. I inspired by the connection between Gandhi and his followers such as Dr. Martin Luther King. 

Robert Loebel

I started my graduation film with researching different animators’ work, I would like investgate what can I do within 3 mins. What’s kind of story can be explain clearly and how to explain within3= 3 mins.

Before Summer break, Shuan has showed us an amazing short animation Wind by Robert Loebel.  This specific film inspired me a lot. It tells an interesting story and also show excellent animation techniques. I did some research about animator and his inspiration of Wind.  

I also watched another his animation which is mush simpler but really good at timing. I watched it and analyse some movement, that I think is really helpful for my further work.

stop-motion ad in China

This link is gave by a friend, who is working in film industry and someone he knows made this ad by stop motion animation. And he said this piece of stop-motion animation can be thought as a good quality work at least in China, because most clients would not choose stop-motion to do their ad. I watched this animation, the background looks nice I really like it, but i am not sure about lip sync and body acting, they looks very rough. It seems like they spent most of time on making models. I understand that if client doesn’t want put a lot money into this then it cannot be perfect, it isn’t totally animator’s fault. I think it is the biggest problem for Chinese stop-motion animation.

Print animation

My BA friend just got a RCA print course offer, we used have many collaboration, we met up yesterday and she mentioned a print animator.I find his work on vimeo really like the way he telling stories with ink, shapes, acting and sound.

Handcrafted animation 38-39°C

I have been animating with TV Paint during this year mostly. I am think to involve more material or media in my following piece. 38-39°C is animated by Korean animator, Kangmin Kim. I see this work very beautiful, and it reminded my childhood memory about old style public spa that has been replaced recent year. I particularly like the background design and color.

YouTube Preview Image