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07 October (Whitechapel Gallery) William Kentridge

William Kentridge  —  Thick Time

The Refusal Of Time,2012


This piece of work was been made in collaboration with Philip Miller, Catherine Meyburgh, Dada Maslio and Peter Galison. It explore how measurement and control f time.


special visual experiment about seeing animations/videos during an exhibition, there are five videos were shown together with a sound piece installation as well. It makes my  eyes,ears so busy, and then try to be patient to fell those  separated work, sound, movement as a whole piece.


I like the traditional material and clear idea he has been using in his work. He’s animation based on original animated method, and his hand drawing. But his work always showing he is trying to explore surround, to make his work rich and also enrich the audience in many ways. He plays  animation and drawing in order to explain the complicated things that going on in his head.

Link to My old post about his another exhibition in 2015

William Kentridge Marian goodman gallery


Animator: Koji Yamamura

Kōji Yamamura (山村 浩二 Yamamura Kōji, born June 4, 1964) is a Japanese independent animator.ōji_Yamamura :

His animation spans a variety of media, his earliest independent works mixing clay painting and stop motion with cels, but has latterly come to concentrate on traditional animation. Two of his most famous and acclaimed films are the Academy Award for Animated Short Film-nominated and Cristal d’Annecy–winning Mount Head[1] and the Ottawa Grand Prize and Ōfuji Noburō Award–winning A Country Doctor. His 2011 short film Muybridge’s Strings was one of five animated shorts nominated for Genie Award.

The Old Crocodile, one of my favorite story from his animation collection. Simple, straightway, ironic and merciless.

Very fancy drawing and storytelling, animatic style make me feel release while deeply respond.


24th Raindance Film Festival – 2 October 2016

屏幕快照 2016-10-04 下午9.40.22

2nd October I went to the 24th Raindance Film Festival, there were 10 shorts animations were showed.

Animations are described as following words:

These animations are created to escape the narrative impulse of cinema using the principles of randomness and analogue generative cinema. These are intimate and human films, many inspired by true events and based on the individual director’s personal experience. These shorts are testament to the view that filmmakers preoccupied with “the right way” to make a film tend to be afraid to experiment stylistically, whereas approaching “the wrong way” opens the conditions for distinctive innovation. Some are extraordinarily outspoken while others are waggishly spirited. This is a programme infused with appreciation for abstract animation.

Here is my favourite animation because of the funny movement of characters, visual language(colour, drawing style) and also sound.

“Parade” de Satie 2016