Opera:The Nose

04/11/2016   Royal Opera House

30256122060_1c3f769e39 30467282151_c8c1cf85efI went to see an opera last Friday, The Nose is based on the short story Nos by the Russian writer Nikolai Vasilievich Gogal.

I read this story when I was in middle school, I couldn’t totally get it to be honestest. And a few years ago, I find an animation based on the story on line. I watched it, I liked very old fashion style but not really got into the story itself. Maybe just people have different preference about narrative.  

Last month I saw a poster in underground station about this opera. And after all, I want to say it was such a good performance. The particular times, society and class are very important part of the story , the lacking knowledge about them was the reason I couldn’t get it , however the actings, movement, facial expression ….. fill the gap between cultures and times. I went there with my mom who doesn’t speak English, but after watched it she could understand over 80%.

And what elements also contribute the opera?  Set design !!!  There was a smaller round stage in the central of main stage, the back ground wall was shaped like the inside of a well. Because of the setting, the top light created strong shadow on backwall as well.

I found another opera, based on the same story. It was made in Russian by  Dmitri Shostakovich. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Nose_(opera)   I can see differences between two operas, Russian’s more artistic and the one I watched more easy to be understood and accepted. 


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