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Raimund Krumme

Recently I am watching shorts animation within 2 mins,  Raimund Krumme is one of the most imppressive animator. His idea are very simple but with his visualization they are shown in a humorous way. “The success of Krumme’s work stems from his ability to merge the personal and the universal in a playful environment. ” (Robinson, 2005)

He always simplify his character with lines bold colors, but movements are so vivid. He used explain his aim : “he not only want to keep the character simple using basic geometric shapes, but he also wanted their design to reflect the vert ordered and rational behavior of the character”(1993)

I really enjoy watching his animation, because they are very short and clear, easy to know what he want to say, but not in a usual perspective at all. But, in some way, I question about if his style are too single.

Essay Note (05/03/2017)_Animated Documentary

I couldn’t find the full movie in the beginning the I send them a message from website explain that I want to talk about the animation my essay, and I got their reply immediately. (and today is the Sunday morning)

This particular animation I actually want to talk about in my essay.

I have watched some animated documentary recent days,  most of them are very realistic, and some are more creative in visual way.  Different from many animated documentary that tell stories, I think Female expand the definition about documentary, it deeply  discover and visually discribtion how does the female play their role in our society.


Question :

What is the relationship between realism/objective and creation?  

How to consider the Imagination are used in animated documentary.

The advantages of narrative in animated documentary.  


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Essay Notes (Animated documentary)_03/03/2017

What can imagination do for animation?

Animation (or animated film) is a significant film form of contemporary art. Based on storytelling and full of the dialogue of imagination, it has a larger space of creation than live-action film, which allows animations to have more possibilities to respond in either a concrete or abstract themes than in live-action film.

reality is the foundation and the source of inspiration for live-action film, on the other side the fixed cognize of known world is limited the content of creation.

Wells addressed: “animation does not share the same method and approach of the live-action film. Rather, it prioritizes its capacity to resist ‘realism’ as a mode of representation and uses its various techniques to create numbers styles which are fundamentally about ‘realism’.” (Wells,1998)