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Patrick Bokanowski

I found Patrick Bokanowski’s film DVD in library, I have been watching his short films. His film combines live0action with experimental, drawing, painting and animation. Patrick Bokanowski challenges our everyday thoughts and feelings about realities. I also admire his act practice in film frames. He artificially change betweens that create different visual language to make conversation with audience.

1 minute Animation

I am looking at my children society project, I found the soundtrack is very difficult to me.I thought it might be someone’s experience, but it actually is a talk about ‘how are you  ‘There are three voices and they kind of jump in each other’s talk.

[Young person 1:] We talk about physical health as if its an everyday thing, like “oh are you feeling well” or “oh how you feeling?” but its never “how are you feeling in your head?” Or “what’s going on with you at the moment” or “how did this make you feel?” Like nobody ever really asks you just kind of, I feel like people, like teenagers just skip over feelings really.

[Young person 2] It’s like if someone actually asks how are you and they mean like how are you mentally, they kind of don’t want the actual answer they just want you to say “I’m okay I’m fine” and get on with it, or they want you to be like “oh well I’ve got this but you know I can deal with it. No one like…”

[Young person 1:] Wants to help.

[Young person 2:] Yeah there was this quote I saw like, most people are curious it’s only a genuine few who actually care, and I think that’s true

Right now I don’t have any good idea about it. I am thinking I should start with watching one minute short.

These three animation do not relevant to my project actually, just see what others do with one minutes shorts.