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thought with demo version 2

My composer is very experimental, she is well understanding my story, and we keep in touch since the beginning of this term, so I am quite happy with the demo. But here are a few points, I think I need talk with her. 

Password: demo


Hearing leading vision in animation

There was a scene in my animation, the guy looks down, sees his reflection from the coffee.  However I get ride off it last week in order to show a better narrative. But I found this animation as reference before.

so this animation is happing in a sea or river, but the animator didn’t draw the specific shape of water, she use sound effect to create a water play mood, and through the action of characters to make audience that they are play water.

This piece of animation is also inspired, animation is an visual language , we can visualise any abstract thing in to our story, however, animation is also about tell story, the most important thing is being reliable. I think this is an excellent example of use hearing to enhance vision.

Journey Section

The second plot of journey is happening I a boat, after the train. I want to describer the length of the journey through different backgrounds and also other elements like train, boat …I found some video and animation as reference , but in the end , I didn’t do much draw animation in this section. I don’t really have enough time for it, and also the animation is already 3mins without this whole section. So I decide focus on the graphic look.


Daehyun Kim(moonassi)’ s work, illustration and animation

Daehyun Kim (moonassi) is a great illustrator from south Korean. I love his work, because his work deliver such strong emotion, even they are still images, but people who look at his drawing, they can feel they are telling a story. I also use black and white style in my final project, he has inspired me with his unique emotional  graphic style. Here is a work by him, he use simple techniques connect still drawings to lively story. He call this form is drawing opera. they looks like ancient murals/wall drawing. This video is very strong, it seems like those character telling their own story.


And is great stop motion animation which he said is inspire by Samuel Beckett’s play ‘Waiting for Godot’ 

This image is a scanned drawing that was originally created by Daehyun Kim, Moonassi.

This image is a scanned drawing that was originally created by Daehyun Kim, Moonassi.

Some big Universal concept present through small point.

I am researching inspired black and white films, here is the one I REALLY LIKE.I am not good at dealing with the relationship between light and shadows. This piece animation is great learning source. And I also like the narrative of it, it’s slow telling and very touched.

The story is about disappearance of a forest. I really like the concept , it presents a big universal environment issue through one normal man’s view, and on the other hand, the concept can be understand as we lose things little by little because we thought we have a lot and didn’t treat it well.


One of my favourite animation from LIAF, I like how she use big bird and people who want to live under big wings. 

And this short documentary animation about living the other country. And I found another animation by this animator which also inspire me some way.